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Padre Michel Remery
Padre Michel Remery

Padre Michel Remery è un sacerdote cattolico olandese, fondatore di Online con i Santi e Twittando con Dio. Ha studiato architettura (1992-1996) e filosofia e teologia (1999-2006). È diventato un sacerdote assistente (2006-2012) e ha lavorato soprattutto con i giovani. È stato nominato vice segretario generale delle Conferenze episcopali europee - CCEE (2012-2017). Nel 2018 ha continuato la sua missione sacerdotale in Lussemburgo, come cappellano nazionale dei giovani e direttore dei progetti internazionali Twittando con Dio e Online con i Santi.


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We start with the first one to see the risen Christ: Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ most faithful followers. She is mentioned over 12 times in the Gospels, which is much more than many of the Apostles. Unlike the great majority of the male Apostles, Mary Magdalene stood firmly at the feet of Jesus’ cross at the moment of his greatest agony. After his resurrection, he did not show himself first to the Apostles but instead, turned to the women who came to care for him even in his death. The scene of Jesus’ meeting with Mary Magdalene in the garden of the tomb is very beautiful and powerful (Jn 20:1-18). Jesus made her a key Apostle, who was chosen to bring the news of his resurrection to the eleven Apostles!⁠ ⁠ Pope John Paul II called Mary Magdalene the ‘first witness of the resurrection’ (21 May 1997). Pope Francis referred to her as the ‘Apostle of the new and greatest hope’ (17 May 2017). The testimony of someone who was as close to Jesus as she must have been very powerful. 👉 And so can yours if you grow in your relationship with Jesus!⁠ ⁠ #MaryMagdalene #OnlineSaints #EasterwithSaints #WomenSaints #MariaMadelana

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Easter Sunday has come and gone, but we are still living the most important feast of the liturgical year. The 50 days of Easter, which last until Pentecost, are an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the resurrection for our faith. The saints, who are now in heaven, have reached their final destination: they share in the resurrection of Jesus! That's why we selected five saints to enrich your faith journey this Easter season. Check our page during the upcoming weeks to follow in the saints' footsteps on our way to eternal life in heaven! 😍😇 . . 🇧🇷 Vamos postar esse conteúdo todo em português no nosso Facebook: Online com os Santos! Curte nossa página! 👍 🇪🇸 Publicaremos este contenido en español en nuestra página de Facebook: En línea con los Santos. ¡Seguinos! 👍 . #OnlineSaints #EasterwithSaints #CatholicSaints #SantosCatolicos

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Teresa of the Andes, pray for us! #Prayer #Oracion #catholicprayers #saintteresaoftheandes

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Juanita was a girl like many others and came from a farming family in Santiago, Chile. She had many friends, laughed a lot, and loved various sports like horse riding, swimming, and tennis. Juanita also had a great interest in music and dancing. She could play the guitar, piano and harmonium. At times she could be stubborn and vain, and sometimes she was very temperamental and fought with her sister. On Sundays, Juanita would dress up with her five siblings to go to church. This was not just a custom, it was part of the reverence she wanted to show God. She loved him above everything and everyone else. When she was 18 years old, she entered the convent of the discalced Carmelite sisters in Los Andes. Her new religious name was Teresa of Jesus. She was 19 when she died. You may wonder about what she ever accomplished. She did the most important: she believed in Jesus as sent by God, and loved him with all her heart. Saint Teresa of the Andes, pray for us! #saintteresaoftheandes #santascatolicas #feastday #onlinesaints

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Joseph was a carpenter from Nazareth in Galilee (Mt. 13:55). He was not wealthy, although he descended from King David (Mt. 1:1-16). Joseph loved Mary so much that he was prepared to silently separate from her when he heard she was pregnant without his involvement (Mt. 1:19). Another in his place might have denounced her, with the result of her being stoned as an adulteress. After Joseph had thus demonstrated his compassionate character, he had a dream while he was sleeping. An angel told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife, and to accept her child as his own, because the child came from God and not from a man (Mt. 1:20-21). Thus Joseph became Jesus’ foster father. He must have died young, for he is not mentioned in Jesus’ later life. Saint Joseph, pray for us! #saintjoseph #SaoJose #saintjosephcatholicchurch #OnlineSaints #CatholicSaints

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Joseph, pray for us! #saintjoseph #Prayer #Oracion #catholicprayers #yearofsaintjoseph #stjoseph

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