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Father Michel Remery
Father Michel Remery

Father Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest, founder of Online with Saints and Tweeting with GOD. He studied architecture (1992-1996) and philosophy and theology (1999-2006). He became an assistant priest (2006-2012), and worked especially with youth. He was appointed Vice Secretary General of European Bishops’ Conferences - CCEE (2012-2017). In 2018, he continued his priestly mission in Luxemburg as national youth chaplain and director of the international projects Tweeting with GOD and Online with Saints.


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Em 11 de maio de 2007, Santo Antônio de Sant'Ana Galvão, o Frei Galvão, era canonizado pelo Papa Bento XVI durante visita ao Brasil, tornando-se o 1ª santo brasileiro. 🙏 Ó Deus, Galvão estava aberto para discernir sua vontade em todos os tempos. Dai-me forças para enfrentar provações e dificuldades, se necessário. Frei Galvão, rogai por nós! 😇 #SantoDoDia #OnlineSaints #FreiGalvao #santoantoniodesantanagalvao

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Antônio nasceu no Brasil colonial, no estado atual de São Paulo. Seu pai era capitão da vila e membro leigo da terceira ordem dos franciscanos. Ele queria se tornar um jesuíta, mas por causa da perseguição à Ordem dos Jesuítas na época, ele se tornou franciscano, a conselho de seu pai. Na vida religiosa, recebeu o nome da mãe da Virgem Maria e tornou-se irmão Antônio de Santa Ana (OFM), geralmente chamado de frei Galvão. Ele foi nomeado confessor de uma comunidade de mulheres leigas que viviam em comum. Juntamente com elas, fundou sua nova casa, em homenagem a Nossa Senhora da Conceição, e atuou como guia espiritual dessas mulheres que viveram uma vida de oração e dedicação a Deus, sem fazer votos religiosos formais. A comunidade floresceu e se expandiu várias vezes. Galvão tornou-se especialmente famoso por causa de suas “pílulas de papel”: em um pedaço de papel comestível, escrevia uma oração em latim para Nossa Senhora e a dava aos doentes, que muitas vezes eram curados de maneiras milagrosas. Isso rendeu-lhe um forte afeto por parte da população da região, que, no entanto, não pôde impedir os julgamentos que ele teria que enfrentar. Frei Galvão, rogai por nós! #OnlineSaints #FreiGalvao #santoantoniodesantanagalvao #santosdobrasil #catholicsaints

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😇 #SantoDoDia 🙏 Frei Galvão, rogai por nós! #Santododia #freigalvão #oração #vamosrezar

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Dominic was the son of a blacksmith and a seamstress from Riva di Chieri, Italy. His parents gave him a solid education in the faith. He had a great reverence and love for the Eucharist, which is why he was allowed to receive his first holy communion at an early age. Children can receive this sacrament when they are able to understand the importance of the Eucharist. Dominic was a dedicated altar server. Saints attract saints. When he met Don Bosco, he asked to be taken to Turin in order to study for the priesthood. Don Bosco quickly found that he was a good student. Together with some other boys, he founded a group in honour of Our Lady with the aim of praying together, but also to help where they could. Saint Dominic Savio, pray for us!

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Dominic Savio, pray for us! #Feastday #Prayer #Oracion #catholicprayers #stdominicsavio #OnlineSaints

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We are still celebrating Easter! And what does a Korean saint has to do with it?⁠ ⁠ The Korean Church is founded on the missionary work of lay faithful, who studied and shared the faith together. The local rulers did not like Christianity and considered it a foreign influence. Many Christians were martyred in horrid persecutions. But their number kept growing. The first Korean to be ordained a priest was Andrew Kim Taegon. He was executed a year after his ordination, just as thousands of others were in the course of that century. 103 of them were officially declared martyrs for the faith. This means that they are already experiencing the result of the resurrection of Jesus, who said that everyone who believes in him will live forever with God in heaven! ⁠ Andrew shows that not our earthly life, but our future life with Jesus is the most important. Are you ready to accept some persecution because of your faith, rather than giving it up as some people may be asking of you?⁠ ⁠ #OnlineSaints #EasterwithSaints #AndrewKimTaegon #Koreansaints

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