Online with Saints app finalist in Brazilian awards

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Brazil announced the finalists of the 2021 Communication Awards. Three finalists compete in the apps category, among them are the Online with Saints app, developed by the Tweeting with GOD initiative.

The creator of the project, Father Michel Remery, celebrates the news: "It is great to see how popular the saints are! They have a real message for the people in Brazil, which explains the success of Online with Saints. This is about all of us as we try to follow their example and ask for their prayers!"

Available in five languages, the Online with Saints app presents social media profiles of over one hundred saints from all around the world, with interesting facts, quotes, prayers, and captivating stories of personal faith, love and sacrifice. The app contains videos and history of their lives, information on how to recognize them, and especially daily posts of the saints' profiles.

The communications coordinator, Gustavo Huguenin, from Brazil, is the project's representative for this award. "We made the application hoping to spread the message of the saints, which is so present in Brazilian culture. We are very happy with the announcement as a finalist. It enriches the work of a very dedicated team!" he said.

The Communication Awards in Brazil was created to offer public recognition by the Catholic Church to the work of communication professionals in the various media for their service to human dignity and the values ​​of the Gospel. This edition is designed for projects published in the year 2019 and 2020. The winners will receive the prize through the local dioceses, between August and October 2021.


App and Book Online with Saints


●  Discover saints via a their Social Media

●  Get a lot of life experience with their stories

●  Scan the book with the app to find associated content


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