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Father Michel Remery
Father Michel Remery

Father Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest, founder of Online with Saints and Tweeting with GOD. He studied architecture (1992-1996) and philosophy and theology (1999-2006). He became an assistant priest (2006-2012), and worked especially with youth. He was appointed Vice Secretary General of European Bishops’ Conferences - CCEE (2012-2017). In 2018, he continued his priestly mission in Luxemburg as national youth chaplain and since 2023 he combines his mission as director of DeoQuest with work for Rotterdam diocese in the Netherlands.


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Today is #Valentinesday and we celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine. #SaintValentine , pray for us! 🙏😇

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Growing in your bond with God will not only give you the confidence that you are not alone, whatever happens, but also bring you true and lasting happiness! What could you do first? Saint John Bosco, pray for us! #SaintJohnBosco #JohnBosco #God #Saints #salesians #salesianschool

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us! #CatholicSaints #Inspiration #SaintFrancisofSales #FrancisofSales

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#Saintoftheday 😇🙏 Saint Vincent was one of the Patrons of the World Youth Day #Lisbon2023 , and you can find more about his history on the app Online with Saints. Saint Vincent, pray for us! #WYD #WorldYouthDay #Lisbon23 #JMJ #JornadaMundialdaJuventude #JornadaMundialdelaJuventud #PopeFrancis #SaintVincent #vincentofsaragossa

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Agnes, pray for us! Agnes was a beautiful girl from a wealthy noble family in Rome, Italy. At a young age, she promised herself to Jesus with all her body. About her life, not much can be said with certainty, but legend comes to our help. At the age of thirteen, she had a range of high-ranked young suitors. As she continued to refuse their attentions, they denounced her as a Christian, which was a crime at the time. The Prefect of Rome who investigated her case also made some advances, but she said: ‘I am already the spouse of a Lover much more noble and powerful than you.’ Enraged, he condemned her to be dragged naked through the streets of Rome into a brothel. She was thrown into a fire, but the flames were extinguished after her prayer. Finally, she was killed with a sword. Usually, she is depicted with a lamb, a sign of her purity.

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O God, Elizabeth could accept her grief and surrender to your will. Help me to recognise your presence when I am sad, and open myself to your grace. Saint Elizabeth Seton, pray for us! #SaintElizabethSeton #ElizabethSeton #MotherSeton #CatholicSchool

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