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Father Michel Remery
Father Michel Remery

Father Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest, founder of Online with Saints and Tweeting with GOD. He studied architecture (1992-1996) and philosophy and theology (1999-2006). He became an assistant priest (2006-2012), and worked especially with youth. He was appointed Vice Secretary General of European Bishops’ Conferences - CCEE (2012-2017). In 2018, he continued his priestly mission in Luxemburg as national youth chaplain and director of the international projects Tweeting with GOD and Online with Saints.


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Elizabeth had to live through many dark periods in her youth. She was born in New York, USA, and baptised as an Episcopalian. Her mother died when she was three years old, and a year later she lost her baby sister. Her father remarried. But after a few years the marriage ended in a separation, and the stepmother rejected Elizabeth. She and her sister were sent to live with their uncle. This was a dark period for her, partly because she missed having a mother around. She married William Seton, a handsome and wealthy businessman. They had five children, and even took in other children. All went well until the business failed, and William died of tuberculosis when they were in Italy. Elizabeth was penniless. To support her children, she started an academy for young ladies in New York. In the process she also founded a religious community to run the school. This was the beginning of the Catholic parish school system in the USA. After a life of hardships, Mother Seton died at the age of 46. #saintelizabethseton #stelizabethseton #feastday #catholicsaints #onlinewithsaints

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Saint Elizabeth Seton 🙏 Prayer: O God, Elizabeth could accept her grief and surrender to your will. Help me to recognise your presence when I am sad, and open myself to your grace. Saint Elizabeth Seton, pray for us! #saintelizabethseton #catholicsaint #onlinesaints

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😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint Elizabeth Seton, pray for us! #saintelizabethseton #CatholicPrayers #stelizabethannseton #prayer #oración #oraçåo #onlinesaints

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David was a simple shepherd boy in the Holy Land. The Bible records that ‘he was ruddy, had beautiful eyes and was handsome. All his life, he loved music and dancing. David composed and wrote numerous lyrics, many of which still survive today. In fact, many of the 150 Psalms in the Bible are attributed to him. David is not a typical saint: he was chosen by God to become a king of his people but did a lot of wrongs as well. He cheated on his family, had sex with Bathsheba, the wife of his army chief, and then tricked him into death trying to cover up his sin. When David realised what he had done he felt extremely bad and wrote a song about it. But in spite of all this, he also was a great lover of God. Saint David, King of Israel, pray for us! #SaintDavid #Feastday #OnlineSaints

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🙏 Prayer: O God, David found you in music. May I be able to make conscious and conscientious choices in my life, choosing you over everything else, also in music. Saint David, pray for us! #Feastday #Psalms #Saintoftheday #OnlineSaints #CatholicSaints

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David, the great king and prophet of the Old Testament, whom we call Saint David on his feast day, lived a thousand years before Our Lord. It was King David who wrote the one hundred and fifty Psalms which the Catholic Church uses in every part of its prayer, in the Mass and in the Divine Office. 😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 Saint David, King of Israel, pray for us! #prayer #saintdavidking #feastday

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