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Father Michel Remery
Father Michel Remery

Father Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest, founder of Online with Saints and Tweeting with GOD. He studied architecture (1992-1996) and philosophy and theology (1999-2006). He became an assistant priest (2006-2012), and worked especially with youth. He was appointed Vice Secretary General of European Bishops’ Conferences - CCEE (2012-2017). In 2018, he continued his priestly mission in Luxemburg as national youth chaplain and director of the international projects Tweeting with GOD and Online with Saints.


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John Henry Newman was a prominent Anglican priest and scholar at Oxford University, England. At the beginning of his career, he was strongly anti-Catholic. All his life he was an independent thinker. He was a leader in the Oxford Movement. Among others, this group of Anglican scholars studied the teaching of the Church Fathers from the first centuries. These great early thinkers were much closer to the time of Jesus than we are today. Therefore, Newman considered them to be an important source of information. To his surprise, he found that some ideas of the Anglican Church of his time came close to positions that were rejected as unorthodox by the Church Fathers. This made him study even more. Over time, he came to realise that he could only find the truth about God in the Catholic Church. He decided to become a Catholic, and some years later he was ordained a Catholic priest. Saint John Henry Newman, pray for us! #saintjohnhenrynewman #cardinalnewman #feastday

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"We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe." Saint John Henry Newman, pray for us! #saintjohnhenrynewman #johnhenrynewman #feastday #catholicprayers #onlinesaints

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The Korean Church is founded on the missionary work of lay people. In the 18th century, some Catholic books were imported from China and studied by Korean scholars. Some were struck by what they discovered. In 1784 one of them went to Beijing to study the faith and was baptised as Peter. He went back to Korea and his faith was so inspiring that many followed his lead and asked to be baptised. When, many years later, a Catholic priest arrived, he met thousands of Catholics. They had never seen a priest, and were thrilled with his arrival. The local rulers did not like Christianity and considered it a foreign influence (see box; Saint 1.15). Many Christians were martyred in horrid persecutions. But their number kept growing. The first Korean to be ordained a priest was Andrew Kim Taegon. He was executed a year later, just as thousands of others were in the course of that century. 103 of them were officially declared martyrs for the faith. Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, pray for us! 😇 #SaintOfTheDay 🙏 #OnlineSaints

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Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, pray for us! 🙏 Prayer: O God, help me to love my country, but love you above all else, like your saints did. Saint Andrew Kim Taegŏn, pray for us! #OnlineSaints #CatholicSaints #SantosCatolicos #santoandrekimtaegon #saintandrewkimtaegon #santoandrekimdegun #catholic #KoreanMartyrs

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The Catholic Church of Korea marked the bicentenary of the birth of St. Andrew Kim Taegon (1821-1846), Korea’s first Catholic priest, this year. Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, pray for us! #saintanandrewkimtaegon #koreanchurch #catholicprayer

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Stanley was born in Okarche, Oklahoma, where his parents were farmers. In his youth, he helped a lot at the farm and got to know the various aspects of farming. After his ordination, he served for five years as an assistant priest in Oklahoma. When he learned a priest was needed for the diocesan mission in the highlands of Guatemala, in Santiago Atitlán, he volunteered to be sent there as a missionary. When he arrived, Stanley was part of a team of twelve missionaries, fathers, sisters, and laypersons. One by one they returned home, eventually leaving only Stanley to continue the work of the mission. The local people loved him as their father and shepherd. With his farmer’s background, Stanley helped to work the fields with his own hands, while giving advice on crop variation and irrigation. He also assisted with medical care in the clinic of the mission, which he later helped to develop into a hospital. Stanley was murdered by three armed men who broke into the presbytery during the night of 28 July 1981. #blessedstanleyrother #beatostanleyrother #stanleyrother #theshepherdwhodidntrun #oklahoma #guatemala #saints #catholicsaints #onlinesaints

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